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"Jackson and Barbara, Thank you so much for all your hours making all my hours count. I work two jobs and my free time is very sparse. Once I got the hang of your site, I feel like a TV, Cinema Guru 😊. Not only can I relax and enjoy my viewing time, I also have been able to share a lot with my boys who I don’t see as much anymore. I am going to buy my sister and my nephew subscriptions for gifts. I love that I am also able to explore shows and movies that I would not have even known were out there. Thank you so much. "

Tracy Kurth
Lake Park, MN

"Jackson and Barbara are quickly becoming one of the most popular segments on the Lex and Terry show. Funny, informative and a must have for any digital junkie. Who would have thought you could have your own television and movie curator. Their suggestions are dead on! We love you guys! Lex and Terry - The Lex and Terry Radio Network"

Lex & Terry Radio Network

"I’m usually always on the go, but when I do get chance to chill out , I watch TV. I really hate wasting my time on a show that will let me down, but that doesn't happen anymore. Since joining WeBingeTV.com, Jackson & Barbara have really upped my TV Watching Game. So if you're reading this, you're in for a great adventure. Come join me on the WBTV.com membership site and help me and others find GREAT TV. “Life is too short to waste it watching Bad TV”"

Corey Thorvilson
Grand Forks, North Dakota

What is "The Screening Room" @ WeBingeTV.com?

Think of us as your Personal Shoppers for all your TV needs


Membership includes  weekly email delivery of "The Screening Room" Streaming Guide newsletter, complete with links and trailers helping you to dive deeper into each show before you decide what to watch next. Plus, you get  Full Access to the "The Screening Room" Membership Site which includes our "Marquee Galleries" and "Club Binge" discussion area.  

How often have you been talking to a friend and asked them, "Have you seen any good TV lately?"

Good Move . . . Friends are the best place to go for television advice . . . and "The Screening Room" @WeBingeTV.com wants to be one the first friends you go to. 

Those old Water-Cooler Days of talking about Network TV & Regularly Scheduled Programs are a thing of the past. And let's be honest . . . using algorithms to find great TV seems a little bit silly, doesn't it?

So in this Era of Peak TV, what's the easiest way to sift through it all and find the best shows to watch?

IT'S SIMPLE -- Hire a retired couple who have nothing but time to watch TV and get them to share their Favorite shows with you. All you have to do is read the next paragraph and hit the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON to join "The Screening Room @ WeBingeTV.com.

WeBingeTV.com is proud to be featured every Friday on the Nationally syndicated Lex & Terry Radio Show

Our Friends are all very important to us. We love them all, and you will too. Stop by and give them a visit . . .


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