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In 1958, 12 year-old Jackson Quigley got his very first job: Every Thursday, he would hop on his Sting Ray bike and deliver TV Guides door-to-door to his route of about thirty customers. He got to keep $0.05 cents of the $0.15 cents cover price, plus tips. Each week at the end of his route, he would stop at the liquor store and buy a Dr. Pepper and a bag of pistachio nuts. This left him a little over $3 to put in his bank each week. He was from a family of modest means, and this job and slowly growing bank account gave him a sense of independence. 

These were simpler times . . . both for Jackson and for Television.

Barbara and Jackson Quigley both grew up in Southern California. By proximity alone . . . they were dialed into all that is Hollywood. 

At an early point in Jackson's career, he worked at ABC Studios as a Set Carpenter; where one of his fondest memories was building (and maintaining) the sandbox that Michael "Kramer" Richards played in as part of a recurring bit on the Fridays TV showWe say maintaining because, besides biting the heads off of his toy army men, Richards was brutal on the sandbox, creating so much havoc that it often required repairs. Other memories included the construction of a private jet interior for Benson, building a jail cell for Barney Miller, working on the team that built the entire presentation stage for the American Music Awards, sitting in the audience during a rehearsal for Fridays next to a band member of Wendy O. & the Plasmatics who was sporting a blue mohawk with a chainsaw tattoo on the side of his scalp, having lunch with Devo, and meeting Larry David.

Never to be outdone by her husband, Barbara appeared on the other side of the camera and was featured in a long-running TWA commercial.

Over the years, the two even appeared on four different game shows, which included a four-day run as Returning Champions on "Family Feud, where Jackson's crazy antics during the show tryouts caused the producers to change the then-current requirement of the oldest person of the family taking on the role of Head of Family. After their performance, a poster of the Quigley Family even hung outside the studio entrance for a couple of years. Jackson and Barbara were fortunate enough to have a friend who was a Producer on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, which afforded them the opportunity to attend many Tonight Show tapings and guest band rehearsals. They were even Johnny's personal guests at his last Headliner performance at the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas.

In their "real" lives, Barbara spent twenty-years as a Flight Attendant for TWA, followed by a career as an interior designer working for major California Home Developers, not only designing and installing model home interiors across the country but also designing their vacation homes from Palm Springs to Park City, Utah. And yet, she still found time to hone her skills as an artist; most notably landing a commission to paint a portrait of Ruth Stafford Peale, which was presented to her by James Earl Jones at her 80th Birthday Celebration at the Norman Vincent Peale Foundation in Pauling, NY. Barbara also owned an Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA, and was the featured artist at many art shows from San Francisco to Key West, FL.

Jackson's early career as a lifeguard and swimming instructor prepared him for his stint as a decorated U.S. Army Frogman and Deep-Sea Diver, serving in Vietnam in 1968. His experience of operating boats in the Mekong Delta led to his spending five-years operating Fire & Rescue boats for the Orange County Harbor Patrol in Dana Point, Newport Beach, and Huntington Harbor. All followed by careers in construction, new home development, real estate, and banking. He has authored two books on Jimmy Buffett and is currently finishing his memoir, The Year of the Monkey, which chronicles his two-years as an Army Combat Engineer Diver.

As the couple approached retirement, and a few years before relocating to their lake home a half-hour outside Nashville, TN, they found themselves facing some unplanned challenges; PTSD and Agent Orange issues stemming from Jackson's time spent diving and handling explosives in the dark murky waters of the Mekong Delta's rivers, that was starting to affect his health. These challenges took the form of battling an extreme sleeping disorder and then open-heart surgery.

Jackson's post-operation recovery was extended due to complications during surgery, causing him to become a couch potato and to watch way too much TV. But fear not . . . his down-time also resulted in his new interest in a new phenomenon called Peak TV, and a second career as a Binge-Watching Specialist. Which in turn inspired him to form a company with Barbara called The Screening Room @ WeBingeTV.com.

Throughout their 45-year marriage, raising two children (Thad & Amber), and enjoying their three granddaughters (Kirsten, Autumn, & Katie), Jackson and Barbara always enjoyed watching TV with their family. And even though they are now separated by 2,000 miles, they all still compare TV notes.

Throughout the research and formation of WeBingeTV.com they of course shared their ideas with their friends. They soon became the "Go-To" for TV viewing suggestions and recommendations.

They now happily invite anyone reading this to join them and become part of their TV Family.

In a world full of Algorithms making most of our choices; It is our theory that TV enjoyment is so subjective that this type of approach simply doesn't work when attempting to guide TV viewers towards great television. 

The sheer number of TV Shows being produced alone won't allow this . . . that and the simple fact that THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY GOOD TV SHOWS TO WATCH. Not only that, but there are simply too many shows for the old paradigms of the TV Guide and TV Critics to handle.

Because of all this, WeBingeTV.com has made it their mission to lessen the viewers' challenge by curating the number of viewing choices down to a palatable and manageable number, without adding to the problem by simply offering an equally larger number of viewing suggestions.

To do all this, we have our own set of challenges. And to accomplish all this: WE HAVE A VISION:

We see a world where TV and Art are treated the same . . . The best of both are so individually creative, that critics and program guides scrolling down our TV and computer screens are counter-productive. We see a world in which the viewer, in their on-going attempt to watch the Best TV that this New Golden Era of TV has to offer, seeks the assistance of a Curator--not a Critic or a list-maker.

We see The Screening Room @ WeBingeTV.com, where oftentimes "More is Not better." Where the goal is not to present every TV Show imaginable but to make the choices easier by presenting the Cream of the Crop in the form of what we call Marquee Galleries.

The World of TV Viewing has changed, and the way we watch TV must follow suit . . .

We invite you all to join us at The Screening Room @ WeBingeTV.com and make this vision come true.


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